President Dental composites in clinical work

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 howrs 30 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Apokin Alexandr Apokin Alexandr Автор

Apokin Alexander Dmitrievich – dentist with more than 20 years of experience, conducts consultations in Moscow in private practice (phone to make an appointment +74997138004). Author of the book Dental anatomy and prosthetic access Author of the original workshop for training in the use of rubber dams Creator and presenter of YouTube channel with unique documentary videos Author of the video course on implantation on the system Thommen Medical Editor and administrator of the site – an international video blog about the use of rubber dams in dentistry and the creation of a textbook about this technique. Editor and site administrator – an international practical On-line magazine about the use of rubber dams in dentistry. Editor and site administrator – English-language course on self-study and training in the use of the rubber dam system. International catalog of educational materials and courses on the use of rubber dams in dentistry.

Skills You will learn in the course
Treatment methodsPathologies
Conservative endodonticsAcute pain
Multi-rooted tooth endodontics
Direct Restoration
Treatment methodsPathologies
Anterior teeth direct restorationTooth shape anomalies
Posterior teeth direct restorationDiastema
RestorationsStages of treatment
Class I restorationsAdhesive preparation
Class II restorations Working with rubber dam
Class IV restorationsRubberdam accessories
Class V restorations

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